​Dementia care in Chichester

Dementia can have a significant impact on both the individual diagnosed, and the family and loved ones of that person, but it is important to remember that plenty can be done to support those living with the condition. Many people diagnosed with dementia continue to live independent, happy, and fulfilled lives with the right support in place.

The symptoms of dementia vary greatly from person to person and can change rapidly over a short space of time. People often display a range of different physical and behavioural changes depending on what stage the condition is at. This can make caring for the needs of someone with dementia complex and difficult without the right level of training on dementia care.

People diagnosed with dementia may not require any care in the early stages, but people often require support as the condition advances. It is important that a person living with dementia is provided with the right level of care and support, so that they can continue to carry out their daily routine as safely as possible.

Dementia care includes:

  • Personal care

  • Medication prompts or administration

  • Help with eating and drinking

  • Attending appointments

  • Providing cognitive stimulation/playing memory games

  • Household support

  • Companionship

We know that dementia is a challenging condition, not just for the person who is affected, but by the loved ones who surround that individual. We will provide a tailored package of care to your loved one, and stay in regular contact with you at all times to inform you of any changes we have noticed, or just to inform you on how things are going. Your wellbeing is our priority.

Our Chichester team are fully committed to providing the best possible dementia care, and helping anyone living with the condition, live well in the comfort of their own home.

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