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How we are Upholding Dignity in Home Care: Dignity Action Day #DAD2024

Dignity in home care is a fundamental aspect of care practice that holds the utmost significance. Dignity Action Day is celebrated annually and serves as a powerful reminder to healthcare professionals and the public to make the protection of the dignity of those in care a priority.

This year we use #DAD24 to reflect on the ways we treat the people we care for ensuring we keep respect, compassion, and empathy, at the core of our practices, especially within the confines of a person's home.

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Understanding Dignity in Home Care:

Dignity in home care goes beyond the physical aspects of support; it also includes the emotional and psychological well-being of the people we care for. We must recognise the individuality of each person we care for whether it's assisting with daily activities, providing medical support, or simply offering companionship. At Nurseplus Care at home we will ensure that every interaction and decision we make is influenced by a deep sense of respect and understanding.

What are the key principles of dignity in home health care:

Independence not dependence:

Encouraging and supporting the independence of those we care for goes a long way toward preserving dignity in home health care. So, instead of building a relationship where your loved ones become dependent on their carers and family, Nurseplus Care at home will work to empower the people in our care.
Our efforts will encourage people to maintain as much control over their lives as possible and, with the support of our dedicated Care at home teams, we will focus on building collaborative relationships with those in our care. By identifying personal preferences, strengths, and goals we can work together, and take steps towards meeting them.

Communication counts:

We believe that communication is a cornerstone of dignified home care. By making open and honest communication easy, our Care at home teams will be able to build trusting relationships with your loved ones, their friends, families, and other healthcare professionals. Nurseplus Care at home carers will encourage the people they care for to express their needs, preferences, and concerns by conducting regularly scheduled reviews of our care plans. Our caregivers will always actively listen, show empathy, and involve the people in their care in any decision-making processes to strengthen their sense of autonomy and build stronger relationships.

Privacy matters:

We all feel safe and secure in our own homes and for many of us, letting new people into our homes on a daily basis can take a huge measure of trust. One way in which we can promote dignified home care is by respecting the privacy of individuals in their own homes. Nurseplus Care at home carers are always mindful of personal boundaries, they know to seek permission before entering a person’s private space and are trained to handle all confidential information with the utmost discretion. By respecting the private space of the people we care for, we can help them maintain a strong sense of control and security.​

Cultural awareness:

We live in a diverse and ever-changing society so the importance of recognising and respecting cultural differences is essential in providing dignified home care. All Nurseplus Care at home staff undergo mandatory training to ensure the home care services they deliver are inclusive and sensitive to diverse cultures. Our dedicated home carers are trained to understand that the cultural background of a person can have an impact on the way care is delivered. We will always work closely with the people we care for to ensure that all practices and traditions are respected and integrated into their home care plans.

Celebrating Dignity Action Day #DAD2024

Dignity Action Day serves as an annual reminder to reaffirm our commitment to promoting and preserving dignified home care. Here are the ways Nurseplus works to promote dignity in home care all year round:

Educate and train

As we’ve already mentioned, Nurseplus Care at home ensures staff are trained to deliver exceptional care at home by enrolling every member of staff in our in-house Nurseplus Mandatory Training which includes lessons on understanding and promoting dignity in care. Beyond this Nurseplus Care at home actively encourages continued learning to ensure we remain at the forefront of healthcare professional suppliers. Our staff have easy access to free online training, apprenticeships, and further studies to enhance their home care careers.

Connecting with our communities

Nurseplus Care at home actively engages in community events and initiatives and often works with the public to inform the broader community about the significance of dignity in home care. We welcome discussions on social media platforms and ask others to share stories, insights, and ideas for promoting the work we do to preserve the dignity of those we care for.​

Appreciate and celebrate

We value our home care staff and know that they work hard to consistently uphold the essential principles and practices of dignity in their work. Each Nurseplus Care at home branch will always openly celebrate any individuals, organisations, or initiatives that have helped make notable contributions to the advancement of dignified care at home.

​Collaborative care:

At Nurseplus we actively involve the people we care for in our celebrations by organising activities, events, or gatherings that align with their interests and preferences. By bringing those we care for, and our care teams together regularly we believe we have developed a strong sense of connection within our local communities.

Dignity in home health care is a shared responsibility that extends beyond the limits of professional caregiving. On Dignity Action Day, we can celebrate our efforts together and take a moment to reflect on the ways we can improve, develop, and support dignified home care.

Nurseplus Care at home will continue to embrace the principles of dignity in all our interactions so we can work to create compassionate and respectful environments that truly honour the rights and humanity of the people we care for.

Let #DAD2024 be a prompt for positive change and a reminder that dignity is not just an action but a way of life in the world of home care.

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Posted-on February 01, 2024 By Nurseplus Care at home