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Easing the Burden: Nurseplus Care at home's Vital Role in Hospital Discharge Services

​The strain on UK hospitals has been prevalent in our headlines over the last few years. One of the major challenges faced by hospitals and healthcare services in the UK is the need for efficient and effective hospital discharge services to lighten the load on already strained hospital resources.

Nurseplus Care at home Hospital Discharge services provide you with essential support when leaving hospital, and support your recovery in the comfort of your own home. Our hospital discharge services are not only proven to facilitate a smoother transition to home following treatment or care in a hospital setting but can also contribute to the overall optimisation of healthcare resources.

The Challenge of Hospital Overcrowding

Hospital overcrowding continues to be an important and persistent issue, with many patients occupying hospital beds that could be better utilised elsewhere. Congestion in healthcare settings has been shown to impact patient care experiences, slow the admission of new patients, and prevent efficient management of emergency situations.

How Nurseplus Care at Home Can Bridge the Gap

By offering you the choice to transition from hospital to your homes and continue your ongoing care needs, Nurseplus Care at home work to enhance patient care experiences and alleviate hospital congestion nationwide. Here’s how.

Tailored Discharge Plans:

By working closely with you, your healthcare providers, and your loved ones, Nurseplus Care at home will craft your personalised discharge planning from hospital to home. Our plans will be carefully created to meet your individual needs considering everything from your current health status, required level of care, and the duration of the support you might require for a successful transition back to your home environment.

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Services:

Your dedicated team at Nurseplus Care at home will be sure to provide you with home carers to suit your specific care needs. Our skilled nurses and carers will work closely with rehabilitation specialist’s post-hospital discharge to enhance your recovery process and reduce the likelihood of readmission. A critical factor in preventing hospital congestion.

Home Adaptations for Recovery:

We will happily come out to your home environment before your planned hospital discharge to ensure any adaptions you might need are ready before you return home. We will review any identified changes with you and clarify the reasons behind the recommendations. These suggestions will only be made if we are confident they will enhance your safety and accessibility, guaranteeing a smooth and secure transition from hospital to home.

Continuous Monitoring and Support:

Post-discharge, our team will ensure you receive continuous monitoring and support from Nurseplus Care at home. By constantly reviewing and monitoring the kind of care we provide we can ensure early detection of any issues, and prevent complications reducing the chances of rehospitalisation.

Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals:

Over the years we’ve built excellent relationships with the care professionals in our communities. This includes hospital discharge planners, physicians, and other healthcare professionals who together will help us ensure a seamless transition. This collaborative approach strengthens the consistency and effectiveness of our care, benefiting both you and alleviating the pressure on the healthcare system.

How we can Help Lessen the Negative Impact on Hospitals:

Reduced Readmission Rates: Our comprehensive hospital discharge service helps minimise the risk of readmission. This will open up more hospital beds for patients who require acute or emergency care.

Enhanced Care Experiences: With Nurseplus Care at home we’ve discovered our clients benefit from the personalised care and support we provide, which contributes to overall higher levels of satisfaction after hospital discharge.

Optimised Resource Utilisation: By ensuring our client's post-discharge needs are met we can help hospitals optimise their resources more effectively. By taking care of hospital-to-home transitions hospitals are given more time to focus on acute and emergency care.

Working closely with local authorities, healthcare professionals, our clients and their loved ones Nurseplus Care at home can play a pivotal role in alleviating pressure on hospitals. Our specialised hospital discharge services offer tailored care plans, skilled professionals, and continuous support, all of which contributes to a more streamlined healthcare system.

We know the importance of helping our hospitals concentrate on critical cases and ensuring that every patient receives the highest level of care. Nurseplus Care at home promote a streamlined and collaborative approach between hospitals and home care services which offers a promising solution for the challenges posed by hospital overcrowding, ultimately benefiting both our clients and the healthcare system at large.

Posted-on May 10, 2024 By Nurseplus Care at home