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Supporting Ageing in Place with Nurseplus Care at home Services

​As the global population ages, the concept of "ageing in place" has gained prominence as a preferred alternative to care and residential homes for the elderly. The concept of “ageing in place” refers to giving older adults the choice and ability to remain in their own homes comfortably and independently as they age. This is where Nurseplus Care at home comes in.

We have a variety of care services that can support this shift to homecare so that our elderly population receives all the support they need to maintain a high quality of life in the comfort of their own homes. Here, we'll explore the growing trend of aging in place, and the crucial role played by local home care providers such as Nurseplus Care at home to make ageing in place possible.

How we can support Ageing in Place

We all know that ageing can be a confusing and disruptive time not just for the elderly person but for their friends and family members as well. Our elderly care services can help make the transition to older age easier on everyone and better still, we can do this all in the familiar surroundings of your home.

  • Changes in ability

The key aspect of enabling aging in place is ensuring the individual's safety and well-being. Challenges may arise due to changes in mobility that may be making it difficult for individuals to stay in their own homes and families could be concerned or lack the time needed to guarantee the safety of their loved ones whilst moving around their home.

Ageing in place. Care at home

Nurseplus Care at home will arrange a full review of your loved one’s abilities ensuring we provide the appropriate level of support in the home whilst always championing independence. We can provide assistance with simple round-the-house chores, running errands, and prepping meals.

Elderly Care at home

We’ll also help to make the home a more elderly-friendly place to live. We’ll work together with families to ensure certain steps are made such as ensuring the home is well-lit, that all floor-level obstacles are removed, that furniture is easily seen, and that the home is clutter-free. We can also help by keeping elderly people active around their homes and taking steps to help them remember where important things are kept around the house.

  • Changes in cognitive function

As we grow older, our minds might feel unfamiliar. It is crucial to promote aging in place by consistently stimulating cognitive abilities and preventing our loved ones from experiencing isolation or loneliness, as these emotions can significantly raise the risk of dementia.

Ageing in place. Dementia care at home

While we cannot promise to prevent cognitive decline, we are committed to providing support and monitoring for your loved ones at home. By understanding the individual we are assisting, identifying early signs of dementia, and allowing time for future care preparations, we aim to offer you peace of mind.

Dementia Care at home

Our skilled home carers are equipped to assist in combating cognitive decline by collaborating with you and your loved ones on daily tasks and activities, reducing the risk of dementia-related issues.

  • Changes in health

Aging in place can be challenging when a family is unable to provide the necessary time and care for an elderly loved one who becomes ill. This situation often leads to the consideration of full-time residential placements for their loved ones, which can understandably be unsettling for an elderly person in need of care.

Ageing in place. Hospital discharge care at home

Nurseplus Care at home can offer hospital discharge care plans that can be implemented short term whilst your loved one is in recovery. We can ensure the safety and care of your loved one at home following an operation or hospital visit that might have left them unable to carry out their usual plans and activities at home.

Hospital discharge Care at home

Our respite care services are perfect for families dealing with long-term health issues, offering a break for those who dedicate their time to caring for a family member. Recognising the significance of self-care for caregivers, we promote and prioritise it among our home carers and families of elderly loved ones who require constant care. Nurseplus Care at home will give you the chance to take time off to rejuvenate whilst we ensure your loved one's needs are taken care of in your absence.

Respite Care at home

In conclusion, we believe in the positive effect of ageing in place as long as it is supported. This means ensuring the home environment is safe, supporting and promoting independence, consistently challenging mobility and cognitive function, recognising the signs of when things change, and making adjustments when necessary.

Nurseplus Care at home services

Our homecare services cater to your elderly family members in the familiarity and convenience of their own homes. We strive to maintain the quality of life they deserve while assisting you and your family during the ageing process. Instead of unnecessary confusion and disturbance, trust homecare providers such as Nurseplus Care at home to ensure your loved ones' older years are as pleasant as possible.

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Posted-on March 18, 2024 By Nurseplus Care at home