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A guide to Live-in care

If you are looking for additional help and support for yourself or a loved one, our premium service, live-in care, is a practical and affordable alternative to moving into a nursing home.

What is Live-in care?

Live-in care means having a fully trained and qualified carer living with you in your home to provide help and support based on your specific care needs; this can be as simple as assisting with a variety of duties and domestic tasks around the home to providing you with direct, one on one personal care.

Why Live-in care?

Care at home offers a practical and affordable alternative to moving into a residential setting and eliminates unnecessary disruption to your everyday life. The level of care we offer will help you to keep your independence and give you the opportunity to continue living in the comfort of your own home, with the peace of mind that there is always a familiar face around whenever you need it.

As with all the services we offer, we know that one size does not fit all, that’s why our care package includes a handpicked Dedicated Live-in Carer selected based on your shared likes and interests, so you both enjoy your time spent together. Whether you require weekly, daily or Live-in care, we can build a unique plan to suit your every need.

What will my Live-in Carer do?

Our Live-in Carer’s care plans can include a wide variety of different services depending on your needs, preferences and wishes, such as;


The type of companionship support you need and how often it is needed is up to you and your family members. Our carers are a friendly face around the home, who will ensure you continue a high standard of living, doing the things you love. Whether you enjoy cooking, gardening or shopping, your carer can get involved with your interests and hobbies, meaning you wont have to stop your favourite past-time.

Domestic Activities

Vacuuming, laundry and general cleaning; our carers can assist you with or take over full-time maintenance of your home. Do you have a pet that requires feeding, walking or vet visits? Our carers are able to assist you with this, allowing your beloved pet to stay with you in your home.

Personal Care

Depending on your specific needs and daily routine, our carers can provide day-to-day care with washing, bathing, showering and dressing whilst respecting your dignity and privacy. If required, they can also help with the maintenance of your appearance by looking after your skin and hair.

Mobility Support

We are able to help with a range of mobility needs both inside and outside of the home. Whether you require assistance getting in and out of bed, light exercise in the garden or help when attending appointments, your dedicated carer will be there.

What will my Live-in Carer need?

You will need to provide your carer with a bedroom so they have their own space for breaks and to sleep. Your carer will also need internet access so they are able to keep your care team updated regularly and arrange any extra support you may require. A 2-hour break during any 24 hour period is also needed, however, if you do require care during this break we can help provide regular cover for your carer.

Live-in care doesn’t always need to be a long-term option. If you have recently been discharged from hospital we can offer a little extra support whilst you recover and regain your independence. When long term care is required, Live-in Care extends to learning disability support, respite care, complex care needs and end of life care.

To find out more about our Live-in care services and how we can help you or your loved one, speak to a member of our friendly team today on 08000 622 622 or use the button below.

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Alternatively, if you are interested in becoming a live-in carer you can check what live-in care roles we have available in your area here

Posted-on December 07, 2022 By Nurseplus Care at home